Reopening After Covid-19

As the world is slowly getting back on its feet, the travel industry is starting to prepare a plan to recover from the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, in particular with respect to what measures should be put in place to prevent a possible second peak of the virus and to face future, as yet unknown, health crises. 

The main challenges facing the industry will revolve around regaining passenger confidence, keeping passengers healthy and safe while on their journey – and staff at their work place – and ensure the measures allow for business to resume with a minimum impact on passengers and operational processes. 

To this effect, CEETRA has put together a checklist of aspects that should be taken into consideration while preparing to reopen doors, which cover the legal framework, operational framework, keeping staff and passengers safe and regaining passenger confidence.

  1. Legal framework
  • Engage with policy makers to avoid inappropriate regulation such as age restrictions;
  • Avoid the imposition of limitations on certain types of retail and/or on opening hours;
  • Consider self-regulation for F&B and retail premises to anticipate legal and limit government-imposed measures;
  • Clarify what special authority approvals will be required for reopening (especially for F&B).
  1. Operational framework
  • Perform and regularly update traffic forecast by area of each terminal in order to minimise costs and maximise operational efficiency;
    Plan reopening of units in phases, aiming for mutual agreements between landlords  and tenants;
  • Ensure up to date communication to passengers is available (through online channels/offline wayfinding);
  • Evaluate and track airport traffic and share with airlines and tenants to help them plan effectively;
  • Apply and enforce all necessary safety measures to keep passengers and staff safe;
  • Continue the dialogue with all stakeholders to remain responsive to demand with an adaptive approach to peaks and troughs in passenger numbers;
  • Implement a response plan for staff and/or passengers with high temperature and/or flu-like symptoms.
  1. Keeping staff safe
  • Make a detailed plan to ascertain which areas require to be sanitized (offices, staff rooms, lockers etc…), how and when the procedure should be performed and by whom;
  • Install plexiglass screens at cashpoints, check-in desks, customer service desks, etc.
  • Impose the use of masks and gloves for all staff;
  • Establish processes to test all employees;
  • Perform daily temperature checks before shift start;
  • Encourage regular use of hand sanitizers.
  1. Keeping customers safe
  • Make the use of masks obligatory when entering premises;
  • Measure temperature of arriving passengers when entering the terminal;
  • Desinfect all retail and F&B premises;
  • Position free hand sanitizing stations and encourage their regular by passengers;
  • Position floor stickers to ensure social distancing within retail and F&B outlets;
  • Implement “Floor Walkers” to prevent crowding inside retail and F&B outlets;
  • Consider reducing furniture within retail outlets to increase free space;
  • Cordon off tables to implement a take-away only policy;
  • Consider allowing eating in for single customers only. Observe distance of 1-2m between tables;
  • Consider implementing single use cutlery/plates/etc.
  1. Regaining Passenger confidence
  • Communicate protective measures to passengers on airport media/in-store;
  • Implement clear and concise signage/information boards explaining to passengers what measures they need to observe;
  • Mark recently desinfected areas using roll-ups, in-store displays, table toppers, etc.
  • Ensure all employees wear masks and gloves;
  • New uniforms for Floor Walkers (see above)/cleaning teams to make them highly visible;
  • Increase customer focus even more – they need encouragement!
  1. Consider technology solutions
  • Use airport APP for communication and passenger connectivity;
  • Promote pre-order of retail and F&B;
  • Implement gate delivery or dedicated pick-up zones.


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