The Chairman’s Remark


Chairman of CEETRA - Central & Eastern European Travel Retail Association


Dear reader,

whether at airports, border crossings or on ferries - a duty-free or travel retail store is usually not far from wherever people start what is often the best time of the year, namely their vacation. We come into play when necessary travel items are missing or when looking for the right souvenir. Our business model is based on the fact that we operate in border areas between two or more countries, which is why we follow strict regulations.

In doing so, we frequently encounter legal and regulatory challenges. The question asked of our industry is how we manage these challenges and ensure that we are properly represented. Working together, we can combine our strengths and pool our resources to tackle upcoming issues effectively and promote a stronger future for our industry.

Industry associations like us play an important role in these legislative processes. We are the legitimate mouthpiece of the duty-free and travel retail industry in Central and Eastern Europe and represent the interests of our members with one voice. As a central point of contact for politicians, we make it easy to enter into discussions with our industry and engage in a professional exchange with politicians that goes beyond the commercial interests of one individual company.

On a European level, an effective framework for advocacy exists under the umbrella of the European Travel Retail Confederation (ETRC) comprising both national and regional associations. At a regional level the industry is supported CEETRA, the Nordic Travel Retail Group (NTRG) and the Benelux Travel Retail Association (BTRA). A strong network of national associations is also in place across Europe such as AFCOV (France), DTRV (Germany), and UKTRF (United Kingdom) among others. Through this framework the industry can make their case to stakeholders in Europe both at national level and in the European institutions.

We have the network and the tools to promote a better understanding of our business and drive its performance and development. Therefore, let us use and strengthen this network together!


Sincerely yours

Chairman of the Central and Eastern European Travel Retail Association (CEETRA)


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