CEETRA Appoints Two New Members to Board of Directors

CEETRA is proud to announce the appointment of two new members to its Board of Directors to further facilitate and carry out its mission to support the Travel Retail and Duty Free industry in the Central and Eastern European region.

The two new Board members are Andrzej Miłaszewicz from Lagardère Duty Free Poland and Nebojsa Cirjakovic from British American Tobacco. Both appointments are effective immediately.

Andrzej Miłaszewicz 

Andrzej is the CEO of Lagardère Duty Free Poland, which operates 34 stores at 9 airports in the country across core Duty Free shops, toy stores, drogeria shops and high fashion boutiques. 

Andrzej is keen to participate in CEETRA’s board and very much looking forward to “strongly supporting the organization in order to enhance relationships between the Travel Retail players in region.”

He says: “In coming months if not years, there is an absolute need for better understanding of the strategic movements of all stakeholders in the travel ecosystem, such as Tourism and Airlines, for example. Travel Retail organizations should be open to influence and play an active role in the creation of fruitful links.” 

Dr. Patrick Bohl, Chairman of CEETRA, comments: “I know there couldn’t be a better appointment to our Board - Andrzej Miłaszewicz leads a global Travel Retail player in Poland, no.1 in our region. His industry know-how and leadership skills will prove invaluable for our members, which he has already demonstrated in past CEETRA retail fora.”

Nebojsa Cirjakovic

Nebojsa is British American Tobacco’s (BAT) External Affairs Manager for Global Travel Retail (GTR) since November 2016 where he is responsible for BAT’s regulatory engagement and communication . Prior to joining BAT, Nebojsa held a number of roles in Serbia at government level as Chief of Staff of various ministries . 

Speaking about his vision on CEETRA’s role, Nebojsa says that the Central and Eastern European region is  “very important for Travel Retail and growing quickly". The team managing CEETRA right now has changed things significantly in recent years and has been pushing very hard in creating the right environment, allowing the Duty Free and Travel Retail industry to achieve its full potential and protect it whenever challenges arise. I am both excited and privileged that CEETRA selected me to serve as a Board member.”

Dr. Bohl says: “I am thrilled that Nebojsa has been elected to join the Board of Directors at this critical time. The expertise in external affairs coupled with his energy are sure to bring us forward. Although now in a global role with BAT, he has grown up in Serbia, which of course is a great fit for us.”

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