Changes in the Board of CEETRA

CEETRA’s chairman in the last three years Sven Niemeier of Gebr. Heinemann has stepped down on 1st November 2016 as chairman of the association. His position will be taken over by Dr. Fritz Janach, managing director of the travel retail company Regal-GH based in Ljubljana in Slovenia, a Gebr. Heinemann subsidiary managing duty-free and travel retail activities in the Eastern European region.

Additional two new members have been welcomed into the Board of CEETRA; Jana Volickova, managing director of Lagardere Travel Retail in Czech Republic will replace Ryszard Zebrowski and Patrick Bohl, Head of Retail and Advertising at Budapest Airport will replace Adil Raihani.  

Fritz is commenting his nomination as chairman;     

As we are facing challenges in an international environment, this needs to be attended professionally. Lobbying and networking in partnership with Retail Operators, Brand Suppliers and Landlords become more and more important. CEETRA as the regional association representing the interests of Central and Eastern Europe’s Travel Retail activities plays a major role securing a stable business environment. I will do my best to contribute and support actively wherever needed to establish CEETRA as an acknowledged organization and representative of Eastern Europe’s interests in Travel Retail.

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The UK leaves the European Union

The people of the United Kingdom have voted to leave the European Union. 

The EU finds itself in an unprecedented situation: no country of the size of the UK or with its economic weight has ever left the EU before. 

It is impossible to predict exactly what will happen over the coming days and months, and what this means for the duty-free and travel retail channels, but it must be expected that regulation around duty-free will change somehow, since there are clearly very specific issues surrounding duty-free and travel retail.

We are also acutely aware of the difficulties that Brexit presents to the UK and EU aviation industry, which will need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty sets out the procedural requirements. To start the exit negotiation process, the UK Government must notify the European Council of its intention to leave. The exit negotiations need to be concluded within two years, at which point the UK’s EU membership ends automatically, unless the European Council agrees unanimously with the UK to extend the negotiating mandate. 

CEETRA will follow these developments and keep our members updated on the situation.

Sven Niemeier, Chairman of the Board


CEETRA board member passes away

It is with great sadness and sorrow that we have heard that our friend and dear colleague in travel retail Ryszard Zebrowski has passed away. Ryszard was always an active and dedicated supporter of the idea of creating a strong association for the travel retail industry in the Eastern European region, and apart from being one of CEETRA's founders and a dedicated board member since its foundation, he also hosted CEETRA events at several occasions at Prague Airport.

Ryszard will be greatly missed in our industry and we shall honor his memory. Our thoughts go to his family and those closest to him, who lost him much too early.

Sven Niemeier, Chairman of the Board


CEETRA launches new website to enforce regional industry cooperation

The Central and Eastern European Travel Retail Association (CEETRA) unveiled today its brand new web page. The user-friendly website presents the industry’s activities in the region to business, partners and decision-makers and provides all relevant information regarding the key role of duty free and travel retail in the regional economy.

Sven Niemeier, Chairman of CEETRA, commented earlier today:

 “We all are very excited about the new website which is a professional and complete information tool for the general public, members and partners of CEETRA. During the last months we have welcomed new members thanks to our compelling membership package. This new website will certainly enable further growth of the Association. Our members are the driving force behind the association and the new website strengthens their voice in regards to the issues that need focus.

Politics and culture of Central and Eastern Europe require a specific business model. This creates a strong demand for a unique and tailored strategy in representing our duty free and travel retail industry, which is what CEETRA has been providing during the last three years. We are delighted to now have the appropriate tool to share it with the world now!”

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